Funding Solutions

“The student council members were very reluctant to spend money on a guest speaker but were so glad they did. They loved the engaging activities and some referred to Ted’s humorous style and meaningful presentation as life changing!” Judy K, Student Council Sponsor, IL.

Possible funding resources for this program often come from:

  • Sharing Ted with another school in your area on the same day. Ted’s fee is reduced for your school if you share Ted with another school. Ted can speak at your school in the morning and a neighboring school in the afternoon.
  • Money from an extra-curricular, interest-bearing checking account
  • Funds of each extra-curricular club or class that will be participating in the Challenge Program, ie., student council, sophomore class, photography club, etc.
  • Funding from your school’s PTO/PTA.
  • Have student leaders contact local service organizations such as Rotary Club, Kiwanis, Lions Club, Elks, and Chamber of Commerce. Present your plan and request their sponsorship.
  • Federal and state funds to be used to develop drug-free schools and communities and/or funds that have been established to assist in the development of leadership skills for at-risk students.
  • Grant money from local foundations or philanthropic organizations within the community.
  • Gifted and Talented program money identified for use in the area of student leadership development.
  • Pooled resources shared between two or three neighboring schools or school systems.
  • Solicitation of the financial help of local corporations. Often times a local corporation will seize the opportunity to financially assist with a program involving leadership development.
  • School district funds available through the office of the superintendent.
  • Combination of school funds and a participation fee from each student participant.


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