Connecting with students
on and off the stage.

If you are looking for a speaker who can share a life story of hard luck, poor choices, and a disadvantaged upbringing only to rise above it all – Ted is not your guy. His energetic and informative style engages his audiences in a dynamic way. His keynote is filled with hilarious examples of everyday life and how one’s response to life’s challenges determines their future.

How can students learn to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem? Ted answers this question in his most popular keynote which includes:

  • taking action
  • turning failures into stepping-stones for success
  • accepting personal responsibility for choices
  • discovering the power of making a positive difference in others’ lives

Highlighted by Ted’s “I AM #2” ™ curriculum, the program is 60 minutes of fun, laughter, inspiration, and emotion aimed at the heart.

Comments from Conference attendees:

  • “He was amazing, inspiring, and truly influential.”
  • “Great speaker with new ideas/leadership rather than the usual.”
  • “Engaged the crowd!”
  • “Most relevant of all speakers”
  • “Interactive, creative!”
  • “He’s awesome! We want him at our school!”

“To say I have heard numerous youth speakers is an understatement. Ted sticks out; Ted is extraordinary; Ted is like no other speaker I have ever heard. Ted catches the attention of all students: those who need to hear him the most and those who can’t wait to listen! His hilarious humor mixed in with his inspirational messages intrigue students to pay attention and evaluate their own lives based on what Ted is saying. Ted is hands on! He had students waving, clapping, and swirling their hands in their chairs doing various activities –all with a meaning. Despite all of this, there is only one reason Ted is so successful; Ted is devoted to youth! He truly cares.”

Wesley C, student, NY

Hiring Ted to speak at your conference means more than just a stage performance. It means a powerful connection with students on and off the stage.