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“My students absolutely loved your presentation and workshop as well as your informal interactions during the conference. We are grateful to you for your professionalism and high quality message.” 

– Mike Courtois, Former State Executive Co-Director, NH

“You recently talked to my school. You told us funny stories and told us things that really opened my mind up. I went there with a negative outlook on everything. Then when I left, I was a completely different person. When you told us to respond to people by saying “I feel great!” I thought you were crazy. But then I tried it and I noticed a difference in everyone’s reactions or expressions. Now I whenever people ask me how I’m doing, I tell them I feel great and it just lightens the mood. I wanted to tell you thank you for changing my life around.”


Logan T, student, IN

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“My name is Erik, and I am a 20-year-old university student. Six years ago, I had the pleasure to see you speak at the FFA National Convention; I loved it so much I came back and saw the same presentation the next year! While I was really too young and naive to have it affect me then and there, one idea stuck with me. Over the last years of my emerging adulthood, I’ve gone through my highs and lows, and I’ve seen my friends and family go through even higher highs and lower lows. Despite any of it, I always made sure to remind myself that “I Feel Great”. You inspired me, Ted, six years ago, and gave me the tools to choose a happy life. I never want to accept less than feeling great. I hope you understand how much this, and your work, means to me.”

Erik D, student, IL

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“The National Beta Club is the largest independent, non-profit, educational youth organization in America. For more than 80 years, it has prepared today’s students to be tomorrow’s leaders. Ted Wiese has been an integral figure in the leadership development of the students within the organization. Whether it be a keynote address or collaborative workshop, Ted actively engages the students and ensures that they are having fun while learning the key components of being a good leader. It is readily apparent that he truly cares about students, as he consistently interacts with them both before and after his presentations. Ted has worked with our students in groups ranging from 50 students to as large as 11,000, yet has the unique ability to connect with each student on a personal level. He is consistently the most requested speaker from both students and adults for our conventions and workshops. Quite simply, Ted is amazing!”

Bobby H, CEO, National Beta Club

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“Our kids here are still talking about how much they enjoyed your presentation at last year’s Leadership Day. When I told them that you are the speaker (at an upcoming event), they were really excited. It’s nice to hear that kids appreciate your work.”


Brenda F, principal, OH

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“I want you to know that I really, really enjoyed your workshop. Honestly, at first, I was kind of dreading it thinking that it would be insanely boring. But oh my gosh! You saved my life! After I went to your workshop, I honestly had such a different outlook on life. I went home that night and talked about you nonstop to my parents! You have no idea how much you helped me. Thanks so much for changing my life for the better. I truly cannot thank you enough.”


Alexis H, student, MO

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“In a matter of hours, Ted’s message changed the feel in the hallways of our High School! A mom of a reserved student wrote to tell me, “she hasn’t stopped smiling” (since the workshop)! Ted will be a regular with our students for years to come.”

Jennifer B, assistant principal, IN

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“I would again like to pass along how great you did yesterday and the overwhelming response we have heard from advisors and students. Some of the things that stood out would be the energy level you bring to your message, the positive vibe you give the audience and the message of taking action to be a good leader. With that said, the committee would love to invite you to come back next year to our conference.”

Su T, principal, OH

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“You are beyond the best! I cannot thank you enough for what you do for our students … they were still smiling today! I cannot express how lucky I am that we are able to continue bringing you to LHS. I will always look forward to the middle of September because it gives me the chance to work with you once again. Keep being awesome… you make a difference!”

Colleen F, teacher, MO

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“Thanks for giving of yourself and your time in creating this experience for our kids! I thoroughly enjoyed watching the kids as they experienced your enthusiasm, energy, and message. It was definitely a “feel good” time for me! You amaze me with your passion and commitment to working with our kids. We will welcome you back again!”

Paula H, administrator, MN

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