No one grades papers during Ted’s PD.

No one grades papers during Ted’s PD.

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Office play is not just cubicle legend. Companies like Google and 3M have tapped into an idea that philosophers (like Nietzsche) and scientists (like Einstein) have long championed:  that it is useful and even necessary for people to have an opportunity to play, to get out of the mental rut, and view problems, people and things from a completely different point of view.

It was amazing how Ted brought our staff together and had them enthusiastically participating in the activities.  Our staff evaluations of the program were excellent with many of the participants requesting us to schedule Ted again for next year.”
Assistant Superintendent, IL  

Teachers leave this professional development with a positive attitude, feeling good about themselves and their colleagues. When they return to their daily routine, these positive feelings of camaraderie and teamwork remain.


Ted’s Professional Development participants find that they:

  • Connect with their colleagues
  • Interact, increase creativity, laugh, and freely exchange ideas
  • Strengthen their team
  • Challenge assumptions and perceptions that drive individual behavior
  • Become a more positive and productive staff

“I had Ted work with our entire faculty this year (after working with our students for the past 6 years). The workshop he provided our staff not only brought a great group of teachers closer together, but reminded each of us that we have an awesome role in the lives of young people and we, too, can continue to make a difference in their lives and each other’s lives each and every day! Ted is truly the ‘best medicine’ an educator needs during a time when schools are under so much stress!”

Deb N, Principal, IL

“[Yours] was one of the highest rated portions of our new teacher orientation. I like the focus on taking the positive energy and attitude, and applying it to the daily life/grind of a teacher – but I also think the idea of building and fostering relationships between teachers was a great benefit of that time together. It’s that human factor that makes education so different from a typical business, and your PD reminds us that everyone is different, that it’s okay for people to be different, and that we benefit from taking some time to learn about, acknowledge, and appreciate those differences.”

Erin M, Peer Assistance Specialist, OH

“Ted Wiese offered my staff a unique experience.  In two and a half hours, he provided them with more of an opportunity to bond than I had in four years.  I am a firm believer that a team grows through shared experiences.  It is through these experiences that a true bond forms.  Ted provided that experience.

With over 100 faculty and staff, making everyone happy is impossible.  Ted’s team building workshop had a 100% positive review from our folks.  They are looking forward to Ted returning to our school as we continue to bond together across grade levels and contents.  I cannot recommend this training enough to any school that is looking for an energetic, activity, and engaging seminar to help build a positive and productive school climate.”

Dave H, Principal, KY

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